Mapei Ultrabond Eco Fix

Mapei Ultrabond Eco Fix

Mapei Ultrabond Eco Fix is a multi purpose adhesive with a very high initial grab factor. Available in 15kg tubs.

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£86.99 incl. VAT

Solvent-free, pressure sensitive,
multi purpose adhesive, dispersed in water, with permanent tack and very low
emissions of VOC. Used for both permanent and release bonding of a wide range
of floor coverings

on internal absorbent and moisture stable substrates normally used in building.
It is suitable for use in environments subject to heavy foot traffic and
wheelchair use, and is suitable for use over underfloor heating systems.

CONSUMPTION: approx. 75-105m2 per 15 kg by trowel.

approx. 105-150m2 per 15 kg by roller.